In the past seven decades, Muslim and Arab countries were occupied by the Israeli-Palestinian cause. In the 1940s, Israel occupied Palestine, driven out the Palestinians from their homelands, turned them into refugees in neighboring countries, and declared a Jewish State. Since then, Israel and Arabs were at war with each other.

There were many Arab-Israeli wars after the establishment of Israel, in all of these wars, Israel came out victorious and was an embarrassment for the Arabs. 

The Israeli’s were not only victorious on the battlefield, but also at the negotiation tables. In all peace treaties and agreements between the Arabs and Israel, Israel had the upper hand, and all favored Israel. Israel occupied Arab territory, destroyed Arab cities and villages, deprived its people of their country, and settled its Jewish people, yet all of this, Israel has the upper hand in the international arena. In my opinion, there are two reasons for this.

The first is, Israel has the undivided support of major western powers ( especially the U.S ). Jewish lobbying groups are the most influential lobbyist groups in the west, they have a huge influence on western foreign policies and spend billions in lobbying. Israel also gets western public and political support by claiming that it’s the only democracy in the region and is threatened and surrounded by extreme Islamist countries that want to annihilate Israel.

The second is the hypocrisy of some Arab states and the disunity in the Palestinian cause. Israel has secret relations with some Arab states, there are Arab countries who have direct relations with Israel, such as Eygpt and Jordan, and recently Bahrain and the UAE,( which they have the right to do so ), but there are those who harmonize with Israel under the table and pretend to be standing for the Palestinian cause. 

Its best for these states to come out and have their relations with Israel and negotiate with the Israeli’s about the Arab and Palestinian cause. Arab countries are weak, they all have major domestic problems such as terrorism and economic crisis, most of these countries are trapped in debt and can’t make major foreign policy decisions due to their debt, some don’t have much freedom for their domestic affairs. You can’t free your neighbor whilst you’re not free. 

The Arabs face many domestic challenges that won’t allow them to face Israel and settle the Palestinian cause.

Arab countries must make a big change to their domestic affairs because much of their failure on the Palestinian cause comes from their domestic situations

After more than seventy years and three major wars, the rights of the Palestinians have not been gained yet. The Arabs have to change the way they approach the Palestinian cause.

In my opinion, I propose that the Arab countries should informally recognize Israel. what do I mean about this?.  Israel is a well-developed country, it has some of the biggest technology companies, one of the strongest and well equipt armies in the world. Israel can’t be underestimated, it’s a major regional power and world influence that needs to be dealt with suitably. Turning a blind eye and pretending that Israel doesn’t exist will bring nothing, Israel exists, it’s legitimate in international law, and is internationally respected.

Arabs have to sit with Israel as an existing body and talk and settle their problems without any foreign mediators. What I mean about informal recognition is the Arabs should recognize that Israel exists and sit with them as an existing body, and reach an agreement without any mediator, an agreement that will stop illegal settlements in the West Bank and the creation of a Palestinian state that East Jerusalem is its capital. Israel could be fully recognized by all Arab states after these goals are attained and Israel is taken to court for its war crimes and atrocities.

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